Restore deleted or corrupted database with MySQL Recovery

Restore deleted or corrupted database with MySQL Recovery

You need to understand that a structured data collection is referred to as a database. To process, add, and access data in a computer database, you need a specific management system that deals with database like the MySQL server. Most computers are not good at dealing with huge data amounts, making database management systems a very crucial part when it comes to computing.

MySQL is based on SQL (Structured Query Language). It has been used for a long period of time for so many applications including e-commerce, web databases, data warehousing, distributed applications, and logging applications. When it comes to ease of use, reliability, cost saving and fast performance, them MySQL is definitely the solution.

Sometimes you could lose files and you may want to restore them. There is a tool you could use for this referred to as MySQL Recovery and should always be your first go to.

About MySQL Recovery

The first key point is that MySQL database files always end with the following extensions FRM, MYD, and MYI. You may lose these files because of careless formatting, system crash, partition loss, virus infections or accidental deletion. You may be cautious when handling your files, but you may end up being faced with any of these problems. You may find that you had not backed up your data, and you need to recover your MySQL database. You will need to use the MySQL Recovery software.

Step 1

Launch the MySQL Recovery and click scan on the selected MySQL database drive. This is quite a simple step that is pretty straight forward.

Step 2

It will start a quick scan ti try and recover any of the lost data, a deep scan will automatically start after a short while to find all the remaining files that may not have been found by the quick scan.

Step 3

When scanning is complete, you need to review all the files that have been recovered. If they are what you need, you have to simply click on the Recover button and you will recover your MySQL database. At this point, it is advisable you save your recovered data to a different hard drive in case there is a system failure on the data recovery.


MySQL Recovery, is a little bit hectic but you can rest assured you will retrieve all your data. Always ensue you use another hard drive when you want to ensure the files you recovered won’t be lost again.

Use Live Mail Recovery to repair corrupted email databases

Email forms a very basic form of data storage and communication. For this reason, emails protection in any firm, organization or even at an individual level should be given first priority. Live Mail Recovery has been created for this reason. It is a software that has been made to basically provide maximum protection against data loss or damage for Windows Live Mail or for Vista Mail users.

This software works by allowing the user to recover emails or messages that have been emptied from the deleted messages folder. When you delete an email, it is not directly removed from your computer, it can still be found in the deleted messages folder and can be easily accessed. But after you have deleted the item from the deleted messages or items folder, then here is where problems arise as you try to recover that message. This is because the Windows operating system can no longer be able to recover that email. However, with the Live Mail Recovery software, you can still be able to recover your email or email database.

How it works:

Restore deleted emails– As mentioned above, this software is able to recover and restore emails that have been completely removed from the ‘Deleted Messages/ Items’ folder

Restore emails from damaged hard disks– Live Mail Recovery is also able to recover or retrieve emails from hard disks that have been damaged or formatted. No fear of losing your information at all!

After re-installing the OS– This software can also be used when trying to recover data lost as a result of a reinstalling an operating system. If for any reason you have to change your windows, then you can always use this software to recover your emails.

Recover attachments– When using this software, the user will not only be able to recover the emails but will also be able to recover all the attachments in the emails. Be it a pdf or images, this software is able to recover them.

Live Mail Recovery also has another very unique feature. It has a filter that allows you to customize your search. For instance, you are able to search for the particular email that you are looking for instead of having to struggle to rummage through the whole list of deleted messages trying to identify that particular email!

Something else that this software allows you to do is to recover, not only the message emails but also allows you to restore any contacts that might have been deleted accidentally from your address book.

Content-Aware Recovery of Email Messages and Databases

Email messages and databases that are stored on a computer hard drive, removable media, or secondary storage devices may often get corrupted, lost, damaged or accidentally formatted. When these happen, access to them is lost and with that, any possibilities of deriving any values from them.

That’s why email messages and database recovery are by all means necessary. This is basically the computing process of retrieving the otherwise inaccessible email messages and databases by use of special software. Many email messages and databases recovery strategies do exist. However, none of them beats the content-aware recovery, which subsequently forms the basis of the discussion that follows:


For a start, content-awareness is the special ability of software to determine the kind of information that is contained in a given file, folder, application or any other storage medium. It is also the ability to ascertain whether that piece of information is at rest, in some use or in transit.

Content-aware algorithms are more reliable means of sourcing for and recovering lost data. That’s because they scan and read the whole disk surface one sector at a time in order to find out the missing files. This is unlike the ordinary corrupted file systems that are not as intense as should be the case.

Such algorithms employ a variety of inspection techniques and mechanisms to extract, match, and analyze data. Examples of these techniques include structure fingerprinting, precise data matching, regular expression matching, statistical analysis, conceptual definitions, published lexicons, file-tagging look-up, keyword look-up, and watermark recognitions.


A typical content-aware recover of e-mail messages and databases goes through four main phases. These are outlined and discussed below:

Phase I: Repair of the Hard Disk Drive

This entails the restoration of the damaged hard drive to its original form. These could take the form of changing or fixing the bad heads and spindle motors. The overall goal is to make the hard drives readable again.

Phase II: Imaging of the Drive to a Newer Version

Imaging the drive simply means creating a copy of a damage yet existing hard drive. This is to ward off any further damages and data loss. It also enables the data to be retrieved without further compromising the state of the hard disks.

Phase III: Logical Recovery of the Lost E-mail Messages and Databases

This is the core of the recovery process. It is the act of obtaining the lost e-mails or databases. In this phase, the master boot record is rebooted so as to scan and read the data structure of the file system.

Phase IV: Repair of the Retrieved Damaged Files

Once retrieved, the damaged files are then repaired. The content-aware software/algorithms have the wherewithal necessary to perform this as well. The process basically entails the reconstruction of the retrieved data by combining the various pieces together.


Though complex, content-aware recovery is, by all means, the better way of recovering lost e-mail messages and databases. That’s because it is by far superior to and more effective than the ordinary forms of recovery that are presently in vogue.

BKF Repair Pro tool recovery solution for system administrators

If you are a system administrator, then, BKF Repair Pro tool might be what you need for your data security and recovery solution. The BKF Recovery tool offers ultimate security for your data and also recovers corrupt, lost or damaged BKF files of any window system. Basically, the BKF Recovery tool has been made to deal with the corruption of data as a result of Windows NT Backup utility. The tool is able to restore all or maximum possible data from the corrupt BKF files. The tool is actually able to restore the data in their original format and the user is able to instruct it on the location to store the files.

The advanced version of this tool is able to scan even the highly corrupt or damaged BKF files and is also able to fix the main corrupted data or files. It has an interactive and also very user-friendly interface that can be used by both experts and also the very novice computer users who only have basic computer knowledge.

Why you should use this BKF Recovery Pro tool

Fastest scanning experience– As a system administrator, what you need is a tool that quickly scans your files. BKF Recovery tool is probably the fastest scanning tool and can even scan a big BKF file in a few seconds. This tool only needs one minute to fully scan a BKF file of a hundred GB in size.

Reliable and efficient recovery– BKF Recovery tool is very efficient and has been found to offer a full or maximum possible data recovery. It is able to recover your files in their original form and with no or very minimum alterations or unnecessary changes.

Range selection– When using this tool, you are able to customize a range. What this means is that you can be able to set your BKF tool to either partially or completely execute a recovery action on your data. It all depends on the current need.

Has a preview feature– Unlike many other recovery tools, BKF tool allows you to see a preview of the recovered files or data before you can finally save them. This feature allows you to see whether all the intended files have been recovered and whether they are in their desired format. This saves you time as you don’t have to redo the process all over again after you have saved the wrong data.

Easy to use– BKF Recovery tool has an easy interface that can be used by any user. No prior expertise or knowledge is needed when using this data recovery tool.