3 Encryption Tools For Linux That Will Keep Your Data Safe

3 Encryption Tools For Linux That Will Keep Your Data Safe

Introduction: The term encryption is a very interesting fact when it comes to data safety. For instance; if your laptop or mobile device is stolen you can still protect your privacy and identity. In today’s innovative worlds we all save our important information in our computer or mobile, this information includes financial, contacts, and company and client information. All of these kinds of information are very worthy and useful for us. Luckily Linux users can have access many different tools for the affordable price of free.

3 encryption tools for Linux that will keep your data safe:
Email and open PGP encryption: PGP stands for pretty good privacy which is not new. In order to unlock and sign files you can access private key for that you need to keep it very secret. Plain text email is encrypted with a public key in the context of email which can read by someone only with the matching private key, this process also known as end to end encryption. Before encryption of email files with open PGP you need to create first key pair in which you must provide name and correct email address. For the better safety you need to provide very powerful key strength.
Encrypted containers: Not every time or everything you want keeps secure or secret is email or text file. Some people choose or prefer encrypted containers in order to secure group of files. Some people use containers because they are portable and quite handy, in simple words container contains a lot like a zip file which is fully encrypted, file can be copied in USB drive, it can be in your home folder, stored in the cloud and you can put it anywhere else which is convenient for you. The most basic container can be gzipped tar file or zip files which can be encrypted using open PGP.
Whole disk encryption: Sometimes it is easier to encrypt each and everything on the computer, like this way sometimes you get little worry about what kinds of files are stored and where they are stored, are they fully protected or not? As long computer is off, Truecrypt or veracrypt is called by the windows users where they can encrypt entire disks and drive partitions. This process can be done on Linux. But dm-crypt is likely preferred by the Linux users because dm-crypt can be only be use a single key.

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