Use Live Mail Recovery to repair corrupted email databases

Email forms a very basic form of data storage and communication. For this reason, emails protection in any firm, organization or even at an individual level should be given first priority. Live Mail Recovery has been created for this reason. It is a software that has been made to basically provide maximum protection against data loss or damage for Windows Live Mail or for Vista Mail users.

This software works by allowing the user to recover emails or messages that have been emptied from the deleted messages folder. When you delete an email, it is not directly removed from your computer, it can still be found in the deleted messages folder and can be easily accessed. But after you have deleted the item from the deleted messages or items folder, then here is where problems arise as you try to recover that message. This is because the Windows operating system can no longer be able to recover that email. However, with the Live Mail Recovery software, you can still be able to recover your email or email database.

How it works:

Restore deleted emails– As mentioned above, this software is able to recover and restore emails that have been completely removed from the ‘Deleted Messages/ Items’ folder

Restore emails from damaged hard disks– Live Mail Recovery is also able to recover or retrieve emails from hard disks that have been damaged or formatted. No fear of losing your information at all!

After re-installing the OS– This software can also be used when trying to recover data lost as a result of a reinstalling an operating system. If for any reason you have to change your windows, then you can always use this software to recover your emails.

Recover attachments– When using this software, the user will not only be able to recover the emails but will also be able to recover all the attachments in the emails. Be it a pdf or images, this software is able to recover them.

Live Mail Recovery also has another very unique feature. It has a filter that allows you to customize your search. For instance, you are able to search for the particular email that you are looking for instead of having to struggle to rummage through the whole list of deleted messages trying to identify that particular email!

Something else that this software allows you to do is to recover, not only the message emails but also allows you to restore any contacts that might have been deleted accidentally from your address book.

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